Vintage Wonderland
By Jevon Wong Follow | Public

Vintage Wonderland is designed to pay tribute to the classic vintage yesteryears and celebrate the sustainability movement.

VINTAGE identity comes from something old and made new. In some ways, vintage living is green living. Not only are vintage
items ‘one-of-a-kind’ because of the effort put into creating it, it’s also an appreciation of the classic yesteryears.

WONDERLAND is part of our cultural heritage. Transforming past perfect venue to reflect the vibes of the wonderlands gone by. Where family & friends of different cultures/races can bond together, a place where the young & old know no boundaries, a place brimming with entertainment just waiting to be enjoyed. As proud folks of our distinctive Asian heritage, we feel that amidst
the global ‘sameness’, there is no better time than now to showcase the cultural threads that form the fabric of our Asian culture.